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Frequently Asked Questions

"What length do you cut the grass at?"

We normally cut our grass to a height of 2.5 inches. This is the ideal height for both appearance and proper grass health. We can adjust the setting at your request, but we do not recommend having it cut any shorter.

"Do you bag the grass clippings after mowing?"

We do not bag grass clippings.  As of 2020, the Region of Peel no longer collects grass clipping waste, so it is legally required that we mulch the grass clippings on to the lawn.

"Do you use your own equipment?"

We bring all of our own equipment with us in our vehicle, so you do not need to provide anything for us.

"How do you provide your price estimates?"

We quote any requests that we receive using a combination of Google maps and Google street view. These tools allows us to asses the size of your property without having to schedule a time to come to look at it in person, which allows us to come up with a price quickly and effectively.

"Will you always come at the same time to cut my lawn?"

We will try to schedule a specific day of the week to come and cut your lawn, but the time of the day may vary depending on how many other lawns we have to complete on that given day. In the event of excessive rain or any other circumstance, we will instead come by on the following day or potentially come a day in advance if the forecast is calling for a high chance of rain on your usual service day.

"Do you do trimming along the edges?"

Yes, we have an edge trimmer and we will ensure that all borders and edges are neatly trimmed to match the height of the rest of the lawn.

"Do I need to be home when you come to cut the lawn?"

No, you do not need to be at home when we come by. Most of our customers are out at work while we cut their lawn for them, and we simply bill them at the end of the month.

"How long does weed control take to work/will it get rid of every single weed?"

You will usually start noticing that the weeds are wilting and turning a darker colour a few days after the treatment. Ever since the Ontario Pesticides ban occurred in 2009, most of the highly effective selective weed killers were outlawed for residential use even by licensed operators. The few products that remain are not quite as thorough as the ones that used to be legal before 2009, however with a few repeat applications throughout the summer, the majority of weeds on your lawn should be eliminated by the end of a full season.  Worthy of noting is that some invasive plants that spread onto lawns might be immune to weed herbicides.  Crabgrass within the lawn is also unaffected by our treatments.

"Should I get fertilizer applied to my lawn?"

If you notice that your lawn typically looks a pale green or yellow-ish color in previous summers, it could mean that your grass is not receiving enough nitrogen and thus is not in a proper state of health. Fertilizer will aid this issue by providing your grass with the nutrients it needs, resulting in grass with a darker green color.

"Do you provide service outside of Mississauga?"

We primarily service Mississauga, however we do offer some services to Oakville and parts of Etobicoke as well.

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